Zehn Nach ZehnJune 14, 2019
Aaron CAugust 26, 2019

@zehn_nach_zehn Is it the 5601 that's hard to service, or is it vintage Seiko in general? I have a couple of Cronos models from the 1960s and I had to buy a few donor movements for parts. Seiko does not stock parts on these watches.

Zehn Nach ZehnAugust 27, 2019

The answer is both, I'm afraid. I ringed Seiko directly and they checked the reference in their Europe-wide database. Coming up with the answer that they do not support servicing this caliber at all.
This was just after I ringed some independent watchmakers. Either they refused right away, or they told me servicing a Seiko 10+ years old is tricky because of the unavailability of spare parts.
All that rendered my ambitions towards vintage Seikos more or less non-existing.
... makes me question myself though what is going to happen to my current modern Seiko in my collection in 10 years time?

Aaron CAugust 27, 2019

@zehn_nach_zehn You can buy a donor movement like I'm doing. There's no reason to give up on the brand.
Unfortunately, I expect the new models to eventually become unsupported as well.