Mia Evans Nails 🇬🇧added October 21, 2018

❣️what I used❣️
-Unt peel off base coat
-La colors in fiber strong
-Nailsinc In glamingo
-Liquid latex
-Born Pretty polish in 3
-Claire’s in glow in the dark yellow
-Seche vite Topcoat
-DIY cuticle oil
-Aveeno Hand Cream
🛠 tools I used 🛠
-Beautybigbang Plate in XL-019
-Beautybigbang Plate in 03 and 04
-Hk Plate in -11
-Born Pretty Stamper and Scraper
-Clean up brush
-Cotton claw
-Lint roller

Shannon POctober 28, 2018

I just got one in the mail the other day. I swatched it out on a practice nail but haven’t tried it on myself yet. I can’t wait.😃

Minnies PolishOctober 28, 2018

Fab...kb shimmer magnetic also look amazing. I picked up essie from frag direct

Mia Evans Nails 🇬🇧October 29, 2018

@Minnie68 yes I have 💕