Crystal Leeadded January 12, 2019

온라인으로 검색하다가 발견한 마스크 팩인데 가루로 되어있어요. 사용하자마자 정말 바로 피부가 쫀득(?)해지는 느낌이고 부드러워지는 걸 느낄수있는 놀라운 제품!
여드름에 좋은지는 아직 잘 모르겠지만, 정말 진심 강추!!
There are tons of good reviews of this online. I've heard this one is the best for acne skin.
I ordered from US and it took almost 1 month because of Christmas and new years holiday🤣
But it was worth to wait for a month! It's absolutely amazing! I can feel my skin very smooth right after using this. I love it!


Bztec Secret

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Indian Healing Clay

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