Abdul Rahman ARadded October 13, 2019
Abdul Rahman AROctober 14, 2019

@AaronCollection Thank you so much Aaron for your extensive feedback on the last downturn. I think that this time the perspective of people of "safe havens" are changing as all assets are either over sold or over priced or over valued. I hope that we get a chance to get all the watches that we wanted in the next downturn, but mostly hope that our jobs stay intact as well 😁 I think there will be a lot of blood in the streets of Switzerland as the prices of unpopular luxury watches bleed to unseen prices.
Thanks again Aaron for watching and commenting.

RichieOctober 15, 2019

Great vids bud I really enjoyed this one and @AaronCollection very interesting 🤔 enjoy the week all!!

Abdul Rahman AROctober 15, 2019

@Richard_Sport_Etc Thank for watching buddy 😊👍