Ryan StoyAugust 10, 2019

I would enjoy the worn bezel though.. gives me a 1 of a kind character.. 😄 however as you mention for the SKX its an easy fix with tons of bezel inserts to choose from.. embrace the fun mate.. do share the new look ya.. 🍻

Aaron CAugust 10, 2019

Aluminum is an extremely soft metal, so it should scratch easily. Aluminum also oxidizes naturally just with exposure to air, turning an un-smooth dull grey. Aluminum experiences galvanic corrosion when touching other metals like stainless, which will eat it away. Hopefully the case is either made of aluminum or there's something between the bezel and the case that will insulate them from each other electrically so you won't have any galvanic corrosion.
I have to believe that if Seiko designed a watch with aluminum on it, they made it for people who want the patina.

Ryan StoyAugust 10, 2019

@StephenLow If I had the watch for 20 + years it would be part of its character. This irks me as it is nothing more than premature wear. I like the 007 specifically for its all black bezel and the way it contributes to it overall look. Easy fix. And I have a Strap Code 3D Oyster ready. I will definitely post pics.