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Hey there Comic Fans! It's a bleak Covid-19 news filled Friday, so lets distract ourselves with a #FirsAppearanceFriday.Another Symbiote this, because Lord knows I love me the Symbiotes: it's Toxin.
The Toxin Symbiote is the offspring of non-other than Carnage and first appears in Venom Vs Carnage #2.His host, a new character: Patrick Mulligan first appears in Venom Vs Carnage #1.
Patrick Mulligan is a NYPD police officer and family, who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. He stumbles across a reproducing Carnage, who too weak to kill his new offspring implants it into Patrick. Carnage fears the Symbiote will be more powerful than either himself or Venom and vows to kill it and Patrick when strong enough.
As Toxin grows in power enough to create a Symbiote suit on Patrick and help him fend off Carnage, Carnage realises how fire the situation is and teams up with Venom to try and take him down.
However, seeing Carnage and Venom attacking Toxin. Spider-Man comes to his aide. With Toxins host being so virtuous, Patrick swears to always fight the Symbiotes urges use it for good. To come to terms with his new role, Patrick leaves his job and family behind.
For his powers and abilities, Toxin is the 3rd generation of the Venom Symbiote and as each generation is stronger than the last. This makes him stronger than both Venom and Carnage. However his abilties remain very much the same as Venom/Carnage: Superhuman strength, agility, regeneration, wall crawling, organic webbing and shapeshifting.
If you want to read the origin story or what follows for Toxin you can check out the following:
- Venom Vs Carnage TPB (Origin)
- Toxin miniseries (Toxin tackles escapees of The Raft)
As always I hope this was interesting and that you maybe learned something, and remember to always support your local comic store.
- Comic Nex

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i just got this comic for $45 off of amazon which was a steal

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@littlefoot1999 you get a lot of good stuff from Amazon!