Comic Nexadded March 6, 2020

What's up Comic fans! It's Friday and time for another #FirstAppearanceFriday- it's a fast and low level key this week: Venom Space Knight!
Venom Space Knight first appears in Guardians of the Galaxy #23in the Brian Michael Bendis run.
Venom Space Knight is actually just a 'upgraded' Agent Venom and so inside the Symbiote is Flash Thompson. Agent Venom is assigned as a representative of Earth to the Guardians of the Galaxy. However the Venom Symbiote is getting more restless and aggressive, it ultimately goes on to bond with all the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
While possessed Rocket brings the ship to a strange planet named Klyntar, this is later revealed as the home planet of the Symbiotes. While on the planet it 'fixes' the problems with Venom Symbiote and offers it and upgrade - this Venom Space Knight is created!
Ultimately this was a shortlived change and almost entirely cosmetic with only the addition of allowing Flash to sleep while he pilots space ships.
For reading recommendations:
- Guardians of the Galaxy #23- First Appearance
- Venom Space Knight - Volume 1
As I said it's a short entry this week as my Fridays busy this week, but I hope someone learned something or enjoyed the read.
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AngMarch 7, 2020

also a first appearance of the klyntar