Comic Nexadded February 27, 2020

Hello there Gemr Comics! It's Friday and time for another #FirstAppearanceFridayand this time it's one I've been looking forward to for a while! One of my all time favorite series - Mark Grayson - Invincible created by Robert Kirkman (of Walking Dead fame) & Corey Walker.
Invincible first appeared in Invincible #1- HOWEVER there is a 6 page preview in another Robert Kirkman book that predates this - Tech Jacket #1.However because it's only a preview, it holds less value.
For those who have never read Invincible, it's Kirkmans pastiche of the teenage superhero book, it starts out feeling super generic as the chapters and sets hit all the generic traits. But God damn does it explode and become a hyper violent, funny emotional superhero romp befitting of it's subtitle the best superhero comic in the universe.
Mark is the son of a Human and a Viltumite; a mustachioed race of super humans who rule the universe with a bloody iron fist. Marks dad Omni-Man was stationed in Earth to prime it for hostile take over however he falls for a human. And thus Mark is born.
Mark is a high schooler who has to deal with all that that entails as his powers begin to manifest. He trained by his Dad before a tragic event befalls the Invincible universes equivalent of the Justice League are all brutally murdered - by Omni-Man.
Mark is drafted in by Government agency to defend the planet and adventures through space and dimensions ensue and there are so many plot twists and shockingly violent moments as Invincible uncovers the truth.
For powers: Super strength, Speed, Endurance and decelerated aging. He also has the ability to fly and appears to be all but Invincible to damage by apart from the universes strongest opponents especially the Viltrumites. Even when damaged, he does have accelerated healing.
Tech Jacket #1- first preview appearance
Invincible #1- First full appearance
For reading recommendations - ALL of it - SERIOUSLY