Comic Nexadded February 27, 2020

Time for another #FirstAppearanceFridayand today we're going back to the future with time travelling mutant: Cable.
Cable first appeared as a baby in Uncanny X-Men #201however the Cable we all know and love appeared first in New Mutants #87and was created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson.
Cable or Nathan Summers is the biological son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and a clone of Jean Grey (Madeline Pryor). As a baby, Cable is sent to the future, where he is trained as a warrior before returning to the present timeline.
Cable appears from the future and assists the New Mutants in a battle against the Mutant Liberation Front before joining them and assuming the mantle of their leader.
From here he went on to turn them into X-Force and even team up Deadpool in the series Cable & Deadpool.
One of Cables aliases is 'the Mutant Messiah' he is incredibly powerful. During his Team-Up with Deadpool he even ascends to Godhood, channeling the entire data flow of the world into his mind all while holding up an entire floating island with his mind - a mutant haven Providence.
So let's cover all of his Powers and Abilities. Cable was infected with a Techno-Organic virus by super villain Apocalypse, he uses his telekinesis to keep this contained in his left arm. His telekinetic powers eventually grow to a level on par with Jean Grey (depending on the writer). From the virus he also derived super human strength and endurance.
There are dozens of stories over the years that have retconned, added or removed abilities but the above are the core of what you think of when you think of Cable.
So for speculation and recommendations:
- Uncanny X-Men #201
- New Mutants #87
And my personal favourite run is Cable & Deadpool, they are a great duo and God power Cable is impressive!