Comic Nexadded February 27, 2020

It's the first Friday of the New Year and so time the very first #FirstAppearanceFridayof the decade. Starting with an unusual choice: Gwenpool! She first appeared in the cover of Deadpools Secret Secret War #2as a mash up variant cover of Gwen Stacey and Deadpool and her full appearance is Howard the Duck #1from 2015.
Gwenpool or Gwendolyn Poole originates not from the comic Marvel Universe but in fact from our very own reality. We don't know much about her life before or how she got to be in the Marvel Universe.
She refused to be a background character and sought out a superhero tailor to make a costume for her, mistaking her name on her form as Gwenpool what she received was a costume like Deadpools.
Gwenpool shared her story of arriving from our reality where the Marvel characters are fictional and she works with him to manipulate the Marvel Universe to give her a backstory and essentially make her real and exist.
Since then she has been working as a mercenary and gone on to be part of various teams and have her own solo series.
I'm terms of powers and abilities, she doesn't have any in the traditional sense, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Universe and has used this several times to manipulate heroes/villains. She also has the ability to manipulate the comics medium, stepping out of panels to break the fourth wall land even moving other characters out of panels and into to the white space between.
Since being in the Marvel Universe she has trained with various characters to become a superb marksman and hand to hand combatant. It does appear as she's existed in the marvel Universe her made up backstory had begun to manifest as abilities as she has survived falls she shouldn't have.
For recommended reading/pick ups:
- Deadpools Secret Secret War #2Variant Cover
- Howard the Duck #12015
- The Unbelievable Gwenpool 2016-2018
- Gwenpool Strikes Back miniseries