Comic Nexadded February 27, 2020

It's Friday and with the Christmas out the way it's time for a new First Appearance Friday! It's a big character but still quite cheap to pick up: Todd McFarlanes Spawn.
Spawn's First Appearance is Spawn #1HOWEVER, like Hellboy he has brief appearance in a convention book prior to this. That book was Malibu Sun #13
Spawn or Hellspawn is a commander of Hell's armies, however, the focus of the comics is a particular Hellspawn named Al Simmons.
Al Simmons was a skilled assassin working for the CIA who was brutally murdered as part of a cover-up on a mission in Botswana. Not wanting to leave behind his wife he strikes up a deal with a demon named Malbolgia who in order to see his wife one last time Simmons agrees to become a Hellspawn in the Devil's army.
Now there are 20+ years and 300 issues of Spawn so I'm not going to go into his entire history but needless to say it's crammed with Angels and Demons, murder and betrayal. It goes from street level crime syndicates to celestial threats but Spawn is always gritty and brutal.
On to Powers and Abilities, from his mortal life, Al Simmons is a highly skilled operative and tactician and as such is very adept with firearms, close combat weapons and martial arts. From the Hellspawn he inherits a suite of demonic powers, from enhanced strength and agility to being able to shoot necroplasmic demon blast and resurrection of corpses.
Some of Spawn's most iconic weapons/powers are his chains and capes which he is able to control with thought. It is worth pointing out that at points in his history Spawns powers have been finite and when depleted he is returned to Hell, so he does try to use them sparingly.
Reading recommendations:
Road to #300- has a great and brief summary of Spawn's history and characters.
Spawn Volume. 1 - Written and drawn by Todd McFarlane it's the original run and has Spawn's Origins in it.