Comic Nexadded February 27, 2020

This week's First Appearance Friday will be the latest Symbiote: Sleeper!
Sleeper is the seventh child of the Venom Symbiote. He has a first cameo appearance in Venom Vol.3 #165where Symbiote Goo can be seen. However the characters first full appearance and where he is named is Venom: First Host #3.
The Sleeper Symbiote was born and entrusted by Eddie and Venom into the care of the Alchemax foundation, with the stipulation that they cannot experiment on it invasively. During the events of First Host, Venoms original host Tel'Kar returns to Earth and demands Venom be returned to it, taking the Sleeper Symbiote hostage.
After Tel'Kar escapes with Venom, Sleeper uses his pheromones to manipulate Eddie to bond with him and rescue Venom. Joined with Eddie and working with Tel'Kars warbride M'Lar they successfully rescue Venom and Sleeper bonds with Tel'Kars corpse.
Returning to Earth Sleeper finds Eddie's son Dylan being attacking by the life foundation Symbiotes and helps to protect him. With his host a desecrated corpse inside Sleeper attempts to bind with Dylan but it repelled by Dylan's own mysterious abilities.
It is later revealed that Dylan can control Symbiotes and he uses Sleeper to make him into a Wolf to defend himself. At the end of Absolute Carnage they become allies with Sleeper taking the form of a cat.
As Sleeper is a Symbiote he has the usual array of powers/abilities: Strength, Agility, Wall Crawling, Webbing etc. But he has additional abilities, he has the ability btk camouflage and become invisible but better yet is his pheromones or Chemokinesis which allows him to secrete pheromones that are corrosive or tranquilizing. But better yet allows him to implant thoughts in people's minds.
If you want to read more about Sleeper I recommend the following:
- Venom Vol.3 #164-165
- Venom: First Host
- Absolute Carnage
- Venom Vol.4 #17-20