Comic Nexadded February 27, 2020

It's Friday and we know what that means! First Appearance Friday, it's another modern and one you can actually pick up pretty cheap - Red Goblin. Who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #798.
For those who don't know Red Goblin is the combination of 2 of Spider-Mans greatest foes: Green Goblin and Carnage.
After Norman Osbourne loses his Goblin powers and has nanites installed to prevent him from regaining them he seeks out alternative methods to regain his powers. He has aquaintances seek out and recover the Carnage Symbiote.
After recovering Carnage he bonds with the Symbiote who destroys the preventative nanites in his system and he uses the Goblin Serum again. Boosted by the serums power the Symbiote becomes a 'super-symbiote' and thus the Red Goblin is born.
In terms of powers and abilities he has all the Green Goblins powers and gadgets as well as all of the benefits of being a Symbiote, with the serums benefits it is also immune to the usual Symbiote weaknesses (sonic weapons and fire). So, pretty damn powerful.
If you want to read stories featuring the Red Goblin you can check out the following:
- Amazing Spider-Man #794-800
- Red Goblin - Red Death #1a oneshot
- Absolute Carnage #1-5and some of the event tie-ins