Comic Nexadded February 27, 2020

#FirstAppearanceFridaythis week features a character from a Marvel movie they announced a sequel for this week. Sp//dr and Peni Parker from Into the Spiderverse.
Peni & Sp//dr were created by Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance and Umbrella Academy fame) and first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse #5.In the movie they were the furthest from their source visually speaking.
Hailing from Earth-14512 Peni is an 11 year old middle school student who like Peter was adopted by Ben and May after the death of her parents. Her father was the original pilot of the Sp//dr mech suit who died under mysterious circumstances.
Under the encouragement of her aunt and uncle she takes over as the pilot, allowing herself to be bitten by the radioactive spider who co-pilots the suit. Teaming up with Daredevil who had known her father Peni learns the ropes and becomes the cities new protector.
She has twice since then been called upon to join the Spider Army and Web Warriors to fight the inheritors in both Spider-Verse and Spidergeddon.
Peni and Sp//dr are both psychically linked, Peni posses a genius like intellect and also has the Spider Senses. Inside the mech she also enjoys Sp//dr's enchanted strength and endurance, it is also fitted with web shooters.
If you want to read more check out:
- Edge of Spider-Verse #5
- Spider-Verse Vol.1
- Edge of Spidergeddon #2
- Spidergeddon Vol.1
I love this take on the Spider person mythos mashed up Neon Genesis Evangelion and have enjoyed seeing her universe expanded even further to even see a VEN#m.Personally I prefer the comic styling over the movie but it's still one of my all time favorite movies!