Comic Nexadded February 21, 2020

Hello comic family! This week's #FirstAppearanceFridayfeatures a twist on a fan favorite: Anti-Venom. Created by Dan Slott and John Romita Jnr, he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #569.
Anti-Venom first appeared as part of the 'Brand New Day' storyline and is a twist on the Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote. Down on his luck and battling cancer Eddie takes a job at a soup kitchen. Little does he realise this soup kitchen is run by Mr. Negative: Martin Li.
Unbeknownst to Eddie, Mr. Negative uses his Lightforce abilities to cure Eddies cancer. And during a confrontation with the then current Venom; Mac Gargan. The white blood cells inside Eddie react with the dormant remnants of the Venom and manifest in a new Symbiote: Anti-Venom.
For powers and abilities Anti-Venom it's essentially the same as Venom and the other Symbiotes. Strength, agility and shape changing. However Anti-Venom doesn't have the same weaknesses as other Symbiotes (Fire and High pitched noise). Anti-Venom is incredibly weak to Mr. Negatives Darkforce powers due to his Lightforce origins.
The most notable power difference for Anti-Venom is his ability to heal afflictions from radiation, drugs and disease. Over use of this power leaves the Symbiote weak. Most notably, Eddie sacrificed Anti-Venom to cure all of New York from Spider powers during the 'Spider-Island' event.
If you want to read more of Anti-Venom, check out the following:
- The Amazing Spider-Man - Brand New Day
- The Amazing Spider-Man - Spider-Island
I hope this was interesting and/or you learned something, and remember to support your local comicbook store.
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Comic NexFebruary 22, 2020

@yosh420 if I remember correctly she started as one then flipped to the good team.

AngFebruary 22, 2020

@nexrecro check amazon, that’s where i got mine

Josh LFebruary 22, 2020

That’s pretty awesome! I did not know that!! Thanks Comic Nex! 😁👍