Comic Nexadded February 18, 2020

Hitting #FirstAppearanceFridayon time and with a vengeance today! Another modern, somewhat affordable first appearance this week.
You may or may not know that Peter Parker's High School rival Flash Thompson is Agent Venom. He first bonded with the Symbiote to become Agent Venom in a back up story in The Amazing Spiderman #654.
Flash served in the military and lost his legs in Iraq. After returning home and overcoming alcoholism the military recruit Flash to try a new militarised Venom Symbiote. Flash was motivated to try as the Symbiote could replace his legs with its own biomass.
There are caveats to Flash using the Symbiote though, he can only stay bonded for 48 hours or the Symbiote begins to manifest and the government have a killswitch for if Flash loses control.
Flash took over Venom duties and was Agent Venom/Agent Anti Venom from 2011-2018 and was the focus of Venom Vol.2.
In terms of powers and abilities at a base level he has the same abilities as Venom: Superhuman strength, agility, endurance, regeneration and shapeshifting. It also has inherited abilities from Spider-Man; organic webbing and the ability to stick to surfaces.
Taking Agent Venom to the next level is Flash's military training & boxing/hand to hand expertise. So he is known to use guns/weapons unlike regular Venom.
If you want to read more Agent Venom here are some reading recommendations:
First Appearance - The Amazing Spider-Man #654
Agent Venom series - Venom Volume 2
I hope this was interesting, and I hope you have a good weekend!