Comic Nexadded February 15, 2020

Hello comics fans! Its a late #FirstAppearanceFridayas yesterday I was distracted with job interviews! Now, I'm a huge punk rock fan, so it's time to give the first appearance treatment to non other than: Spider-Punk.
Spider-Punk aka Hobie Brown is the Spider-Man of Earth-138 and first appeared in 2015s The Amazing Spider-Man #10(Vol.3). He was created by Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel.
In Hobies universe Norman Osbourne is the President of the USA and through his toxic waste pollution policies this is how the spider that is irritated comes to exist.
This future is totalitarian and Osbourne rules with an iron fist using his V.E.N.O.M. soldiers to control the populace. During a riot the populace rise up against Osbourne with Spider-Punk as their leader, eventually smashing Osbourne to death with his guitar.
Hobie later unmasked himself and the rebellion later hail him as their saviour.
Over the years Hobie has been recruited twice to the 'Spider-Army' to help in the multiverse spannings conflicts of Spider-Verse and Spidergeddon.
In terms of powers, Hobie is the same as Spider-Man from Earth-616, no additional benefits like Miles Morales or others. Just the Spider strength, agility and reactions.
For reading and speculation purchases I recommend the following;
-The Amazing Spider-Man #10(Vol.3) - First Appearance
- Spider-Verse TPB
- Spidergeddon TPB
As always, I hope this was interesting, hope you learned something and remember to always support your local comic store!
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