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Hello Comic fans! Its Friday and that can only mean one thing! #FirstAppearanceFriday!Its time for this 90s X-Men fans favourite - the raging Cajun - Gambit. Cue the intro music - mananananan nana nahhh na!
Gambit - real name, Remy Etienne Lebeau. Created by X-Men godfather Chris Claremont and industry legend Jim Lee, Gambit first appeared in Uncanny X-Men vol.1 #266.
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana - Remy Etienne Lebeau was kidnapped at birth and raised by the Thieves Guild. He was placed in the care of Fagan's Mob and raised as a street theirf.
Its worth pointing out that his powers didn't manifest until his teens where he tried to hide them and gain control over them in private.
During his initiation to full thieves guild member he has to steal from a powerful mutant, this all goes terribly wrong and he and his friend Etienne are captured. He is to be sold to Hydra as a child soldier when he finally uses his powers to escape.
In the years following he became a world class thief even taking jobs for Mr. Siniater to steal from the Weapon X programme. During this period he came across Storm who had amnesia and thus begins the start of his time as an X-Men team member.
In terms of powers and abilities, Gambit as an X-Men team member is a mutant. His mutation allows him to control and manipulate kinetic energy with him able to 'charge' and item and have it explode releasing that kinetic energy. The larger the item the longer the charge, so he favours smaller items - like his icon playing cards.
He can also transfer kinetic energy into items as well, allowing him to transfer more power into his Bo staff for more powerful hits.
If you want to pick up some key Gambit issues I recommend the following:
- Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #266
- Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 Annual #14
- X-Men #1(1991) First X-Men team appearance
And there you have it! I hope this was interesting, I hope you learned something. And as ways support your Local Comic Store!
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