Comic Nexadded February 3, 2020

As you have probably seen, this week I'm doing the first appearance of Red Hulk. He made his debut as a cameo appearance and cover appearance in 2008's Hulk #1by Jeff Loeb.
Red Hulk first appears in the Canadian Wilderness and kills Wendigo before making his way to San Francisco to crash a SHIELD Hellicarrier and cause an Earthquake!
Initially the identity of Red Hulk was not known to either other characters or us the readers. And in 2010s World War Hulk it is later revealed that he is none other than Hulks long time nemesis General 'Thunderbolt' Ross. He worked with AIM and Inteligencia turned himself into the Red Hulk to give him a better chance at exacting his revenge on Hulk.
For powers and abilities, he is almost identical to the Hulk, however he has to will the transformation it is not automatic when he gets angry or is threatened.
He has a weaker healing factor but has the additional ability to absorb energy. He also appears to be weaker than Hulk when dealing with attacks from bladed weapons.
If you're looking for books to get there's Hulk #12008 by Jeff Loeb and if you're flush with cash you can Thunderbolt Ross' first appearance in Incredible Hulk #1from 1962.