Comic Nexadded February 3, 2020

Another Friday, another First Appearance and another quite modern one. This week I present Cindy Moon aka Silk who has her first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #4(Vol.3) in September 2014.
Cindy was also a student on the same class trip at which Peter was bitten by the radioactive spider, it apparently went on to also bite her only on the ankle.
However that's where the similarities ended. Unite Peter, Cindy has organic web-shooters and accidentally webs her parents. So they send her away to train with a man named Ezekiel Sim.
During training he comes to realize that Cindy is one of the spider totems (later hunted in Spiderverse). So he locks her away for 10 years in a bunker where she cannot be detected. Voluntarily, she stays there as she knows the consequences of leaving.
Peter later learned of Cindy's predicament when the Watchers secrets are revealed and he frees her even though she protests because of the dangers. When she learns there is no longer a threat she agrees to leave. And thus she takes on the mantle 'Silk'.
In terms of powers she is very similar to Spider-Man, proportional strength, walk crawling etc. Except she can produce organic webs and as such she uses the web to form claws on her fingertips.
Key Issues:
-Cindy Moon first appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #1(Vol.3)
-First appearance as Silk: The Amazing Spider-Man #4(Vol.3)
Also keep an eye out for the incentive Humberto Ramos variant of #4.It commands a higher price.