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This is my playing card collection. For those of you who don’t know, there is actually dozens of playing card designers that come up with beautiful designs almost on the daily. Please look around, there’s some very amazing artwork in here. I love answering questions so please feel free to ask awa...more
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Here’s my playing card collection. Playing cards are really cool and you’d probably be surprised to see all of the designer brands that there are designing cards. Feel free to browse and ask questions as you please, some really cool artwork in here!more
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My playing card collection, some really cool artwork here, so please browse and feel free to ask questions.more
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Started getting into collecting playing cards a few months ago, what do y’all, are they cool?more
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Hi, I recently got into collecting playing cards, mostly for the design aspect of them, would you guys consider this art? I personally would just because of all of the custom card companiesmore
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