LuckyshotFebruary 9, 2021

@kuralm74 Baris I've been on a roll buying watches in 2020! I'm not really trying to top this past year. It's been a crazy year in 2020 full of emotions and a lot of mixed feelings. For know I gotta say I never wanna go thru something like it ever again, and yeah it's not over but I pray it would.

Baris Mehmet KuralFebruary 9, 2021

bless you and your entire family! Life is beautiful! I am trying to be positive as much as I can and trying to stick to my family and my loved ones, that makes me more happy and help me to increase my eager to life ! oh ! Yeah and watches ! LOL! @luckyshot

LuckyshotFebruary 10, 2021

@kuralm74 thanks Baris and stay safe.