Landyadded November 29, 2019

Thanks Bodybuilder Forum: So Jesse took Shand over 150 pounds! The 300-pound man found in the Internet a new lease on life.
Wow! Over 150 kilos has decreased Jesse Shand, thanks to the help and Motivation of a Bodybuilder forum. It's hard to believe that these two pictures is 1.5 years! In may 2013, the then 26-Year-old Jesse Shand put in a difficult crisis, from which he saw hardly a way out. The reason: He weighed 300 pounds, could move only with difficulty, had hardly any contact to the outside world. Today, about two years later, Jesse is about 150 pounds lighter and feels Jesse like a new person. How has he managed that? At the time, Jesse Shand 300 pounds wog! When Jesse brought in the spring of 2013 almost 300 kilos , he had given up on himself and his life almost.
Due to its Preponderance of young Americans could not leave the house , even small movements were the then 26-Year-old always heavier.
He knew only begin little with his life, he spent his time mostly in front of the Computer, and disappeared into his own virtual world. He used his weight, to learn of the reactions of other users. Since he had, in reality, hardly any contact to other people, was the response of the Internet co-users, the Only thing that gave him the Motivation to live. Negativity everything I had and everything that once defined me out of the was. was Jesse his former Situation on his Website. Bodybuilders gave him new courage. According to this Motto, he created a Thread in a bodybuilding Forum with the subject "Ask the fattest man on this page, what do you want" . But, instead of, as expected, scared comments, insults and disgusted Comments from the 300-pound man got a surprisingly positive response .
Many Users gave him courage, his life will not abandon, and that it is never too late to lose weight. Impressed and encouraged by the sympathetic comments Jesse made a decis