Baris Mehmet KuralMarch 28, 2021
Baris Mehmet KuralMarch 30, 2021

And Also the model which I am in love with is 56 self winding blue dial @kuralm74

LuckyshotMarch 30, 2021

@kuralm74 sorry I was extremely busy today, here it is at almost 3am and just finished bottle inventory at the storage box. Man I have a truck load of liquid gold, Lol. I might buy the VC56, the boutique wanted 13K plus, Ouch, I have a dealer maybe 9.8K maybe let's see. The mov,ent is really nice and it's so slim and comfy.

Baris Mehmet KuralMarch 30, 2021

I never tried it but one day may be I will! @luckyshot @luckyshot