ben Bunnelladded August 23, 2020

Custom PC built to the specs of the .com period!
It has a Pentium 3 733
Aopen AX34 motherboard
Daimond Viper V770 nvidia Tnt2 pro 32mb
256mb 133mhz SDRAM
160gb hdd
some dlink lan card
SB live! CT4760 Sound Card
Yamaha YMF724 Sound Card
Promise Technologies FASTTRAK 133 IDE RAID Card
Running windows 2000.
This is my main late 90s pc along with my p3 workstation, celeron budget machine and slot 1 p3 machine. It was originally saved from the garbage by a friend of mine and jammed with wet dust. Most parts i had or found at thrift stores or in parts bins of the local computer shop. All in all the whole thing costed me under 10 bucks!
I have a zip 750 id like to throw in in the future along with a dvd drive and a couple hdds for the lan card!