Gregory IngersonJuly 2, 2020
Gregory IngersonJuly 4, 2020

@Michigan5 bruh... this will be. 20k shoe soon and I bet it makes it to 40k in a year... maybe two. 8500 total pairs between the highs AND the lows. Top celebrities and clients got to buy as many as they wanted before they dropped so let’s say 1000 were gone before the drop. This leaves 7500 pairs. Divide that buy two if it was split evenly between highs and lows (which I bet it wasn’t, I bet they made more highs) and that would leave 3,750 pairs. Most of the pairs are in the 9-11 range roughly 2000 prolly in just sizes 9-11 leaving 1,750 pairs between the low sizes and the big sizes. I bet you there are only a couple hundred sizes 12s that were made plus they released at like 4 or 5 locations and we were only allowed to pick one location... there were over 5 million entries total. So I entered SoHO NYC store and they prolly only had like 50 to 100 size 12s... and I was one of them... I honestly can’t believe it. I can’t believe how many raffles and drawings I have entered over the years and I just keep taking L after L after L and then I wake up to an email sent to me at 6AM congratulating me... I’m still waiting for more information because the email give us certain information to follow and that hasn’t happened yet... so I’m just hoping some type of bullshit doesn’t happen because this will do amazing things for myself and my family and it is just so damn lucky that I was picked. One single entry the honest way... just like I do for every drawing and raffle... and years of patience have hopefully paid off. This still doesn’t seem real and I’m anxiously waiting my next discussion with the people that have instructed me thus far... i might go nuts man😂 so many things could still go wrong😂😳😳

Jesse WaltersJuly 10, 2020

@gsneakerson24 how's it goin with these do you have an ETA? Post a shit load of pics when you get them I'm gonna be living through you on this one cause I'll never have these my self!! Good luck man!

Gregory IngersonJuly 10, 2020

@NortheastSneakerbeast I’ll never own these either😂😂😂 I will take so many pictures hahaha