Gregory Ingersonadded August 29, 2017

The "lightbones" are an amazing sneaker and trainer. High quality materials and buttery suede. My favorite all white or eggshell white sneaker. So comfortable and stylish especially with the 3M laces. I bought extra laces in different colors to wear with different outfits. I also doubled up on these sneakers. I found some for GREAT prices. I have 2 pairs of these!



Model Number

Air Trainer Victor Cruz

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Gregory IngersonJuly 21, 2018

@Hypebeastlimted there are no medicine ball Cruz. There is a trainer 3 medicine ball that is doooooooope and the new don c medicine ball that is doooooooope

HataliaJuly 12, 2019

Привет how much do they cost?

HataliaJuly 12, 2019

Gregoru Can I work with you?