I hope everyone loves this new group chat. I am the creator, Michael. I believe that we will share something very special on this wonderful website called snuffs.
I think that this app will connect everyone during the Coronavirus Pandemic and when all of the Pokemon events are canceled.
I only have one question for everyone. I hope that I will get many responses from this so we can all share something together. My question is:
What is your favorite pokemon and why?
My awnser to this question is is Snivy. I love this pokemon because it was the Pokemon that I grew up with and it used to keep me from exploding as a kid.
Anyways, I hope that everyone enjoys our time together as a group, as peers, as friends.
Take care,
Stay safe,

Michaeladded April 9, 2020
MichaelApril 9, 2020

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