Hello Everyone
Haven’t used this App in awhile but last year I got scammed for my cards by this person
Want everyone to be careful when trading him
He might change his username like he did when I tried to get my cards back
If he scammed you please let others know

Eddie Lunaadded August 10, 2020

@Foundskate sounds like what he'd do. In my trade I just wanted some low rarity cards from Savage Strike and when he hadn't sent them I messaged him and he just ignored me

Eddie LunaAugust 12, 2020

Same with me.
He said he sent them and I sent mine.
He received mine and he kept telling me that the weather was making the mail run late and after a month he didn’t respond and kept my cards

@Foundskate he would tell me they kept getting sent back so he'd have to "reship" them

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