For awhile I was really into electric watches. I loved their rarity, and their technological innovation. I also liked that they frequently had unusual cases or dials.
When my interest evolved I decided to let go of the watches I liked less. This was one of the ones that I culled. My interest had strongly veered towards aesthetics, and this watch didn't quite have enough zing.

Aaron Cadded February 11, 2019
@stumpelriltzchenFebruary 16, 2019

I understand what you say. This is a watch that has a very interesting interior, but the exterior has not aged very well. Other designs by Richard Arbib aged much better, I think.

Aaron CFebruary 16, 2019

@stumpelriltzchen Richard Arbib had some amazing designs, and I was aware of them. But my interest in watches was just beginning to grow and I didn't want to spend serious money on one of his more exciting designs.
This was my compromise, and because of that it eventually had to go.

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