I’m sure that most of you know that I love SINN, unfortunately the 856 didn’t give the feeling that my other Sinn watches have given me, these are the following reasons:
- The crown feeling was a bit loose and not so stiff.
- The Sinn moisture capsule got blue after a short period of time, usually it should get blue after a couple of years.
- It works with a Sellita SW300, which apparently was not well regulated and it was loosing ~30 seconds a day (that’s a lot for such an expensive watch).
- I’m a guy who likes/loves more complicated watches and busy dials (regarding pilot watches), so it didn’t fulfilled all my expectations and feelings.
Nevertheless I’m still a huge SINN fan!

Sebasadded February 8, 2019
SebasFebruary 10, 2019

@stumpelriltzchen not the same watch but being honest I think I would prefer better the 556, it’s more dressier and elegant, the 856 it’s sportier/though/robust. If I get again the 856 definitely would need to be the one in PVD with a UTC complication, but for the moment I’m waiting for the delivery of a Laco Kempten in 39mm, so lets see how it fits and how it feels, I will post some pics once it’s delivered and in case I send it back I will post here in our group its pros/cons consequently

RomFebruary 12, 2019

Sinn doesn’t have in house movements correct? They use Swiss?

RomFebruary 12, 2019

I agree, a watch over a grand 💵, and -30sec/day is not good. Is it possible the watch went bad?

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