Another SB and GRAIL added to the personal collection thank to another SB head that is the same size as me from Instagram that also has an eBay account😂. We have become pretty decent “internet acquaintances” over the past couple years and he decided to sell one of his pairs of these so I was able to get them for a good price. They are used but honestly, they are one of the newest looking used shoes I have ever seen. They even smell like a new SB still which is incredible.
Homegrown Skate Shop collab with Nike SB from Ithaca, NY. These are a personal grail of mine and I am so happy that I finally had a chance at owning them. These are SERIOUSLY amazing. The suede on these set them apart from so many others and I can’t wait to put miles on these bad boys🙂
These are immaculate in every way and so comfortable. I just tried them on and I did t have socks on so I was expecting them to be a little rough and they were honestly just so comfortable. I am a sucker for great materials, craftsmanship, great packaging, and over executions with the theme and colorway. The special boxes for this shoe were awesome, I suggest you check them out. Materials used on this shoe are top notch suede because these are roughly 6 years old and used and still look and feel brand new. The colorway is earthy and reminds me of hiking in my hometown and part of the state that I live in and Homegrown is the ONLY Nike SB shop within driving distance so it’s still MY Nike SB shop. These just check all the boxes for me... these are killer🔥🔥🔥

Gregory Ingersonadded July 18, 2020
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