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Welcome to the Snupps Rubik’s Cubes / Twisty Puzzles group. Show off your own collection and view others. Founded by Tony Fisher in 2017.more
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computerfan0started a discussion
This is my new design. It's made of LEGO bricks. more
Nathanielstarted a discussion
I have a question for @TonyFisherPuzzles why do you disable comments on your videos?more
Eric Deardurffstarted a discussion
I have a question. this 2 by 2 has the same color scheme as the original Rubik's brand, but it doesn't have the Rubik's logo. The mechanism is all plastic. is it possible the logo came off, or is it a different puzzle.more
Pau Álvarez Arnanstarted a discussion
Hello, I have arround 20 cubes and I don't know wich I shoul buy now, coul anyone suggest me, please? more
Tony Fisherstarted a discussion
Anyone getting the new XXL Gear Cube when it comes out?more
Pau Álvarez Arnanstarted a discussion
I have just post my collection, could someone suggest me wich cube should I buy? more
Justusstarted a discussion
I just recently got a stickerless moyu LingPo 2x2 I really like it and I was wondering what everybody else's is 2x2 main ismore
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ND Puzzlesstarted a discussion Video link above. This is just a funny project I've planned for quite some time now. Please don't take it too serious. I just thought this might be a funny "puzzle" to add to my collection :Dmore
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My Mirrored Windmill Cube more
Alex Willisstarted a discussion
I'm new here. how does all this work. i make shelves but It won't let me share themmore
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cube style pyraminx more
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Christopher Connollystarted a discussion
Just got an amazing new PB! Finally a sub 4.3 solve! Wow!more
Rober Sintéstarted a discussion
My latest addition to the collection, first attempt with 3D-printed extensions.more
Taylor Robinstarted a discussion
I’m wondering if anyone has made or seen floppy puzzles like a 1x3x5 or 1x4x5.more
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For buying Twisty Puzzles I recommend HKNowStore ► . Free worldwide shipping, great customer service, ethical seller (no knock-offs), PayPal- all currencies accepted.more
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Chris (Space Coast Cuber)started a discussion
any tips for cleaning the stickers on a ghost cube? I work in construction so when I'm bored at work I solve cubes and my ghost cube stickers are getting yucky. I know I can just resticker it but was wondering if anything worked for just cleaning them. more
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Just made a pattern on my new 9x9!more
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My new shelfmore
Josh Mstarted a discussion
Hi, I want to start cubing so what puzzle should I start off withmore
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These are the cubes featured in my recent video- . It relates to when they first came out and the response to them at the time. more
Eric Deardurffstarted a discussion
the Teraminx is a great puzzle.more
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Alex Scourfieldshared their shelf
Alex Scourfieldshared their shelf
OGRE Cubesstarted a discussion
my penrose 9x9more
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ghost cube in checkerboard pattern. like Tony Fisher said, it looks scrambled.. the photos unfortunately aren't in order.more
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Christopher Connollystarted a discussion
Got a new Main!more
Ciaran Doughtystarted a discussion
Hey guys! Just wondering what your favourite cube/twisty puzzle is. I'm excited to see what you guys like!more
Lucasstarted a discussion
I always wondered how a checkerboard pattern would look on a ghost cube and if it is even possible.more
Alex Scourfieldstarted a discussion
Hey guys, Just interested in knowing what type of puzzle solver you are E.G. Collector, speed solver, puzzle designer etc.more
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