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Are you interested in everything to do with Pokemon Card Collecting & Pokemon in general?! This is the group for you

Prisymstarted a discussiona minute ago

Still looking for cards I need from Evolutions and Generations. Anyone interested in trading, please message me.

Ethanpokemasterstarted a discussion47 minutes ago

What are your best cards?

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Honestarted a discussionan hour ago

Nz has no Black Friday deals for Pokemon cards it's so sad

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Drewstarted a discussionYesterday

I went to gamestop today and got the special ash pikachu cards t

Joshshared their itemYesterday
Pokecollector2016started a discussionYesterday

Black friday

Chrisstarted a discussionYesterday

Awesome black friday score!

Neoqueen's Pokémon Cardsstarted a discussionYesterday

Another PSA 10! Im up to 14 PSA 9 or better Venusaurs. Only 12 more to go to complete a 26 card set of every Venusaur card ever printed in English to date!

TheLivingArceusstarted a discussionYesterday

Going to open the Shining Legends Super Premium Collection box later! Follow to get updates when that gets uploaded!

Kaden Beckmanstarted a discussionYesterday

all my good pokémon cards are in my locker at school... 😢

winged dragon of rastarted a discussionYesterday

What do you think about my new gold card

Williamstarted a discussionYesterday

Fresh out of crimson invasion

Williamstarted a discussionYesterday

2 GXs out of 4 packs

Oscar Morrisonstarted a discussionYesterday

I'm irish lol

Ben Ramosstarted a discussionYesterday

my favorite card please share your favorite card

Matthewstarted a discussionYesterday

like if you want to see my whole pokemon card collection (btw I have a lot of cards)

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Ben Ramosstarted a discussionYesterday

My full arts share some of your full arts

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Joshstarted a discussionYesterday

How far is everyone in pokemon ultra sun or moon? i beat the game and have all the brand new legendaries that you can get in ultra sun

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TheLivingArceusstarted a discussionThursday

My 70th follower gets the latest chapter of my story The Gem of Rayquaza sneak peaked to them.

TheLivingArceusstarted a discussionThursday

The Gem of Rayquaza so far! Prepare for a twist in the latest chapter!

TheLivingArceusstarted a discussionWednesday

Anyone who follows me I follow back

PokeFanFamstarted a discussionYesterday

Fantastic Black Friday deal we got 3 Shining Legends pin collection boxes for $7 a piece! But Team Rocket stole them and hijacked the show! https://youtu.be/y8L_Q0k0ip8

TheLivingArceusstarted a discussionThursday

Please put any criticism you have about my story so I can fix it.

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Nick Pistonestarted a discussionYesterday

It’s Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wyplash Gamesstarted a discussionYesterday

does anyone have these cards

Jurre van Disseldorpstarted a discussionYesterday

anyone dutch?

King Rymostarted a discussionYesterday

Omg omg noooo I just fainted a Miltank.

Cormac Gamingstarted a discussionYesterday

I'm so salty right now I lost one of my Pokémon packs .The bad thing is that I might of got something really rare I'm so angry

Cormac Gamingstarted a discussionYesterday

Is anyone Irish

Brady Johnsonstarted a discussionYesterday

Ando I have been watching for a long time my birthday was November 21 thank you ando

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Raffistarted a discussionYesterday

I put these up for trade yesterday but I would have to have quite a lot for one of them as they are my favourite cards. I would like to put one up for sale and I will be happy to take offers.

Scott Paynestarted a discussionYesterday

Got A Bargin On Ebay For $99 Start Of My Psa 10 Collection

P Daddystarted a discussionYesterday

almost tossed this aside. good thing I double checked before I put everything away lol

Blank Jacksonstarted a discussionYesterday

hello I am new to snupps and if you would like to help me out you could follow me or wow my pics. :]

Birbstarted a discussionYesterday

Yo im auctioning these dudes on ebay cus im broke af and need food. My ebay is: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/deviloftime

Jakestarted a discussionYesterday

I’m here and I and I have something to share

FlamingTCGstarted a discussionYesterday

Hey guys! I just want to say hi to the Pokémon community on Snupps and I am also new to the tcg I can't wait to get more rare and exotic cards and meet other collectors just like me!


Caseystarted a discussionThursday

I’m hunting for cards, I’ve list in this shelve.

Jakestarted a discussionYesterday

What do y’all think

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P Daddystarted a discussionYesterday

just got back in the collecting game, let me know what you think

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