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Post the models you are looking for, so if anyone has one for sale, they can contact you!more
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Hey I'm new, I'm looking for Grullo Pinto just under 100$. Ok Please contact me if y'all have one or can think of someone who has to be they are sellingmore
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Looking for a ethereal horse no broken parts but can have scratchesmore
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Does anyone have a Schleich Fjord stallion for sale? I can't buy rn, but mine has major markings and bends from travel from Breyerfest, and i need a lsq one for shows more
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Does anyone have a cheaper Peter stone Arab can have a few scratchesmore
Cantering Horse Studiosstarted a discussion
I just put up more for sale please check it out!more
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Might as well check it out, in case there’s a grail or two in there?more
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hello I am looking for hildogo or anything on the silver mold.for under $100 show me what you got!more
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Heyo! I’m simply looking for vintages. Message me if you have any or direct me to your board! Thanks! ❤️more
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I feel stupid. I can’t remover what ISO means. Can you all tell me???? I just can’t seem to remember! Thanks Kota out😂😂more
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I am always interested in traditional bodies, especially the following- Semi Rearing Mustang Mesteno Fighting Stallion Rearing stallion Stretch morgan Clydesdale foal Belgian Grazing mare Show Jumping Warmblood Scratching foals As well as original finish grazing mares, scratching fo...more