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Yo. Wadup. Hey. How you doing? Welcome to my Group where I'll be posting my Menswear Fashion & Lifestyle collections. You can expect to find anything from the realm of streetwear to a more 'classical' menswear attire - would love to see you stick around and show your support!more
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Looking to sell!more
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Hi guys! I saw today a pic on Instagram of a pair of shoes that looked like Balenciaga Speed Trainers but whith sole simmilar to the Rick Runners (with that „brick” on mid sole). I checked grę designers but i could not find them. They were in white colorway. Hopefully i described it well enough s...more
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Just released a small collection of hand embroidered shirts and hoodies. Link is in my IG bio (@davidburge) if anyone is interested😊more
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hey guys, what is your opinion on suede protector? what would you reccomend?more
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Hi guys! Can i buy the Prada levitating derbys below retail price somwhere online? And how to they fit (i am 46EU) Thanksmore
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the colours matching the on feetmore
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opinions? too matchy?more
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Recommendations for chunky shoes?? Apart from Air Forces!more
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Hi guys, wanted some feedback on my fit. Sweater was cropped by myself. cheers :Dmore
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Anyone know anywhere to get Rick trousers at an affordable price?more
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Guys throw me some “tonal” outfit inspiration :)more
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dang anyone knows any alternatives to that fire prada shirt in sangievs recent momentmore
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tailored my to give the Balenciaga swinger jacket vibemore
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Who else wants to see that last video Sang did and later deleted?more
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Where can I buy cheap rings/necklace? Asos has some cheap ones but 22£ is too much and the 8£ ones are shit.more
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Hey guys, I wanna buy some new black sneakers and got about a 200€ budget. What would you guys buy ?more
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I wanna wear these tmrw to school but I feel like it’ll look weird being a guy with a pink hoodie and pink shoes. Thoughts?more
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Can’t decide between Vapormax midnight fog or Vapormax plus sunset orange, anyone have any suggestions?more
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too much colour blocking?more
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Weekday beanie Some black jumper Acne trousers Ozweegosmore
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Hi guys, farfetch seems to have the margiela fox shirt (link below) that sangiev was wearing recently but its slightly different in a sense that the sleeves seemed to be buttoned together with the shirt. Anyone know why? Shop Maison Margiela fox print shirt
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Should I.. 🤔more
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SLP boots: I recently purchased SLP black wyatt chelsea boots and I would love to see how you guys would style it! (mainly which bottoms you pair them with) Thanks guys!more
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lookin for silver bracelets- price range till like 70£ or below - any recommendations?more
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got these v wide trousers today, hard to wear, but thoughts? more
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Hey guys. I’m new here so sorry if this has been asked before. Just wondering if anyone here has this Gosha piece and could help me with sizing? I’m 165 or so cm and around 55 kg and I wear a TTS S. Should I grab an XS or a S? Thanks!!more
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Hey guys, I'm new here lmao// I'm wearing an H&M shirt Uniqlo t-shirt Oak+Fort trousers Alyx belt Common Projects Feedback is much appreciated❤️more
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Thought you guys would appreciate my biggest cop to this date. North Face inspired jacket by READYMADE. One of the most expensive pieces in my closet. Would do a full on review of this piece If you guys want time to!more
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