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Yo. Wadup. Hey. How you doing? Welcome to my Group where I'll be posting my Menswear Fashion & Lifestyle collections. You can expect to find anything from the realm of streetwear to a more 'classical' menswear attire - would love to see you stick around and show your support!more
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Hey what’s up guys I uploaded a YouTube video covering streetwear vintage pieces love for to check it out and support!! 😁more
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Kurtisstarted a discussion
Hey guys, I am selling some pieces, also a pair of SLP D02's. I would appreciate it, if you could take a look. For any questions feel free to write a comment or shoot a message. Have a nice day! more
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Clay Martinstarted a discussion
Anyone know where I can find the Ann D combat boots Sang wears all the time? Or is anyone selling any size 9-10? I need that specific pair... thanks in advancemore
Joestarted a discussion
When does the ssense sale reach its peak or is there anywhere else things are on sale for a higher % off?more
Joey McGinleystarted a discussion
Anyone know any alternatives to the undercover “human control system” distressed sweater than sang has ? I’ve been looking online for a while everywhere and can’t find it or any similar pieces from the same collection.more
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what suit the best for navy trousers with red stripes ? more
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Sang have you tried Acnes new North fit? How do they compare to Aces? Should I hold out for a used pair of Aces? I've got a lower body similar to Enzo I'd say if that helps with fit. more
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Hallooooo guys! I’m having a little sellout. Please feel free to ask for any questions. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Prices are negotiable! Have a nice day lad’s!more
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Benstarted a discussion
advice on how to get into high end/street fashion and where to get money to pay for it (starting with next to nothing)? any help would be greatmore
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best place to get accessories like rings, chains etcmore
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William Davisshared their shelf
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Anybody know where I can find jeans like these, similar in crop, cut and color?more
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ID on this particular shirt? I'm really interested in knowing where it's frommore
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Suggestions on how to style these trousers??more
abdullastarted a discussion
What’s the orange shirt Sang wore under the jacket in the BDY winner reveal video?more
Danni Mosherstarted a discussion
Just added pics for a new item I made for my Fw18 hedonism campaign. Thoughts on the double waisted jeans?more
Rob Holdingstarted a discussion
I have some short sleeved shirts that are a bit long and saw that Sangiev’s Rhude shirt was shortened a bit and it looks like it fits great. Anyone have any tips for how long they should be?more
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HELP me decide which to get please! I already own a pair of black suede skinny build Chelsea boot, and I’m torn between these 2 options (want something with a more interesting design aspect). A; harness low cowboy boot, slim build, 4cm square heel, square toe. B; harness Chelsea boot, skinny bui...more
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Anyone got any suggestions for nice cheap belts???more
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Hey guys can you help me out with a quick legit check?more
BORELstarted a discussion
I’m trying to find a pair of black and or white Issey Miyake trousers size 34 US. Just been having trouble finding the ones I’ve seen you(Sangiev) and Enzo have. Love the look and fit of themmore
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Ryan Lowstarted a discussion
White or Black Sneakers?more
Vincentstarted a discussion
Sangiev uploaded a video earlier this year where he previewed some Haider knitwear pieces for next season (At least I think it was Haider). Does anyone know which video that was? I wanted to watch it again but I can’t seem to find it. Has it been taken down?more
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How would people style this shirt? Just interestedmore
Jeppe Johansenstarted a discussion
So gassed to get my first ever pair of Issey miyake's👀👀more
Sebastian Bauerstarted a discussion
Hey guys, I’m pretty new to the vintage/thrift scene but Ive gotten really into it🕺🏾I’ve started to post some finds and fits here and on IG @bauerxbaxter. If you wanted to check it out and leave some feedback that’d be dope! 🤟more
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Hey guys hope you’re all well! I have recently made a YouTube channel and I have just uploaded a new video. Check it out
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looking for some conteperary fashion that's sort of middle range price wise like £0-£150 suggestions would be appreciated 😊🐰more