CHAMP / RES (+notes)
CHAMP:: King George @EmStonge
RES:: Xanth @EquusRuss
- Loved all of your entires in the Christmas classes! Super hard to judge!
- @EqussRuss’ “Something Special” had such a sweet backstory. I had to mention him somewhere.
- I saw a few Secretariats in the Quarter Horse class. All were in beautiful condition. The reason they weren’t pinned, or were pinned lower, was because I disagreed with the breed. I debated it with myself for like ten minutes bahaha. They would have pinned higher with documentation, (picture) or a majority kind of thing. (75 percent Quarter, 25 Throughbred)
- ^^ If you have any questions on the matter, don’t me afraid to PM me, or comment! <3

ᴍɪsᴛʏadded January 1, 2021

Ok, well, hmm. I want to show my chase piece in the pinto or paint class but I want him and my Eclipse crossed with a Thoroughbred. What class should I show them in? @EquusRuss @MistyStables

Teagan 🐎January 1, 2021

@lightning_ridge_stables in larger shows, there would be a class within a division for other/mixed. For instance, the Stockhorse division might have a class for paint, quarter horse, Mustang, and other/mixed. You could put him there, or in the other/mixed sport division. Of course for this show, that would be up to Misty

ᴍɪsᴛʏJanuary 2, 2021

@lightning_ridge_stables , @EquusRuss is correct! The go-to class would be mixed/other, or maybe part breeds, but you can always show them in one of the two breeds, as long as the horse’s genetics are majority of that specific breed. For example, if you have a paint throughbred cross, and you want to show them in throughbred, you have to give me documentation on the fact that your horse is 51% or above throughbred.

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