🌞May Classlist🌞
1.) Arabian/Light Breeds
2.) Carriage breeds
3.) Rare Breeds (no cross breeds)
4.) Quarter Horse
5.) Mustang
6.) Other Stock
7.) Non horse Equine (Zebras, Okapi, etc.)
8.) Necklace Class. (See elow for details)
9.) Favorite Breed Class (See below)
10.) Foals
Hey guys! I’m trying to switch up the classes a bit so that everyone who shows regularly doesn’t show all the same horses all the time- then it would basically be the same show, which wouldn’t necessarily be fun! Anyway, I added a few classes that aren’t familiar, so I’ll explain.
Necklace Class- In lots of different model horse movies/series and short films there are horses wearing necklaces of all sorts. Show a picture of your horse wearing a necklace, like those. Feel free to take it outside, but give a clear picture of the horse and the necklace- so tall grass might not be the best decision. You will be judged on creativity, the model, and photo quality,
Favorite Breed Class- pretty self explanatory, a model horse that you have that is in your favorite breed. You will be judged on the same as above.
All the rest of the class’s rules are as usual, and, as always, happy showing!

ᴍɪsᴛʏadded April 28, 2020
Breyers@ShowmyqhApril 28, 2020

Love the class variations.

EmilyApril 28, 2020

Okapi are not actually Equines, they belong to the giraffe family.

ᴍɪsᴛʏApril 28, 2020

@EmStonge Oh! Sorry lol! Should have looked farther into it. Thank you! 😄

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