Fun classes-
(See bottom for grand/Res: Fun Classes)
11.) Favorite Horse (must be OF- run of 10 or more.)
1. Lucky for me @showmyqh
2. Favored Gent @EmStonge
3. North Wind @CHstudios
12.) Decorator (not including unicorns or thing of the sort)
1. Pastel Of Colors @breyer_horses
2. AA Sister Grimm @plasticponaynays
3. Golden Knight @showmyqh

13.) Fantasy/Costume
1. AA Purple Bursts If Paper Birds @plasticponaynays
2. Winters Snowfall @breyer_horses
3. Music To my ears @breyer_horses
14.) Non Equine
1. Herald @breyer_horses
2. King @EmStonge
3. Callie @showmywh
-Grand: AA Purple Bursts If Paper Birds @plasticponaynays
-Res: Pastel of Colors @breyer_horses

ᴍɪsᴛʏadded April 28, 2020
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