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if you have any last minute concerns please message me by 2:00 pm [eastern time]

ᴍɪsᴛʏadded March 28, 2020
Teagan 🐎March 28, 2020

I’m still a bit confused as to which show this is. Is the shelf I shared in this group the correct one for my entries?

ᴍɪsᴛʏMarch 28, 2020

@EquusRuss I believe you shared your entries and used the class list for “Misty’s Small Show”. This is a different show entirely. I have become the judge for now of this group, which was previously judged by Allison, or @/happyhorses123

Teagan 🐎March 28, 2020

@MistyStables I thought that this group was the one that model_horses ran. I could’ve sworn that I put the entry for your show in the Mistys small show group. I’m so confused LOL

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