My amazingly beautiful, smart, kind, and strong girlfriend, @swimminglyso , got me these for my birthday today. We have both going through a lot of just absolute shit life has thrown us lately but she still finds the time to try and make my day better on my birthday. She knows how much Christmas means to me and knows how much I loved this sneaker, (all of the Ugly Christmas Sweater collaborations that Concepts did) so she got them for me for my birthday because I have had a terrible three weeks these past three weeks. They are more beautiful in person and yea... these are 🔥🔥🔥 and yea, #straightintorotation
I love you babe ❤️

Gregory Ingersonadded December 6, 2018
MattDecember 6, 2018

Happy bday my guy

Gregory IngersonDecember 6, 2018

@Mdot215 thanks man, I appreciate it, thank you

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