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If you are unsure if something you are gonna buy is not really or if you just wanna help other people to not buy fakes this group is for youmore
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Jesse Waltersshared their item
Jesse Waltersshared their item
Jesse Waltersshared their item
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I have 35+ 5 star reviews, and over 150+ items for sale right now. Brands include Supreme, Bape, Palace, Tommy, Kith, Gucci, Givenchy, Mcm, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Jordan’s, Yeezys, imran Potato, Half Evil, Gnarcotic, Ransom, Puma, Superradical, Chinatownmarket, Kappa, Rapper merch(li...more
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Anyone here know a someone who can legit check on vintage supreme. I’m talking an item from it’s first few years as a shop. Just message me if you know. Much appreciatedmore
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Can someone help me authenticate this Louis bag? more
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All are brand new No Box Click our link in the comment to buy safetly and securely Visit our Ebay Store Great Deals Great Savings https://goo.gl/QWZacZmore
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Can someone tell me if a Bape item is authentic? I have a pic of the gold tagmore
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What up! I’m semi new to this app and I would appreciate you guys if you checked out my page! I’ll be taking pics of what shoe I’m rocking each day and potentially do ootds!more
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Can someone help me legit check some Jordan’s ?more
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Looking for some AntiSocialSocialClub stuff has to be a good pricemore
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Can u real check this goyard walletmore
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Should I get my first pair of Jordan 1s or Ultra boosts 4.0?more
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Everyone go join my group for legit checks and hype stuffsmore
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What’s your all favorite retro ogmore
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Anyone want Hanes X Supreme X Realtree cotton blank tees? Size small Message me for detailsmore
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Need some cheap bape or cdg Japan L or US Mmore
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What is a good first supreme shirt to get?more
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Does anyone have any Bape for cheap??more
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Anyone accept checks ? I’m willing to spend 500more
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Does anyone know if bapeonlinus.com is legitmore
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Just letting people know that you can get legit Champion as cheap as £15 from SportsDirect.com 🤙🏽 it's a legit shop as there's many in the U.K. So I just go in store, but you can also order offlinemore
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i have very dirty nmd r2smore