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Sneaker Restorations & Customs is a group where an array of projects are shared and discussed as seen on YouTube channel "RetroSnickers."more
Daltonstarted a discussion
Not shoes but still a custommore
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Daltonstarted a discussion
Finished this custom up the other day! If you wanna see pics sooner check out my Instagram @vudutheshoevandalmore
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Sage Nocompkennelsstarted a discussion
still have a few more pairs to pick up n waiting for some in the mail💯💯💪more
DJstarted a discussion
Join my group in the sports category. It is called Fitness Lifestyle. Lets get fit and healthy together!💪more
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Flaming Retrosstarted a discussion
Whos trying to get some restorations done? I have a youtube channel called FlamingRetros. Message me for more information about the restorations.more
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Lj Dixonstarted a discussion
I need my retro 6 restored #letsgetintoitmore
Juan Chavezstarted a discussion
I need to restore Concord 11s and Carmine 6smore
Daltonstarted a discussion
Started a new custommore
Stephan Cattousestarted a discussion
Does any one know how to mix sports blue to re paint some Jordan retro 6more
Sage Nocompkennelsshared their item
Sage Nocompkennelsshared their item
Dapper Danstarted a discussion
Anyone do custom adidas sneakers?more
Denigel Williamsstarted a discussion
I need a restoratimore
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Nathan Ruanstarted a discussion
Soleswap comingmore
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DJstarted a discussion
Check out my group in the Sports Category called "Fitness Lifestyle" it's worth your time, join the group and get fit 💪more
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Vlogs4dayzstarted a discussion
Anyone looking for Nike Air Trainer Victor Cruz "Wolf Grey" in size 9 go buy them from here
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Daltonstarted a discussion
Just added 4 new customsmore
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DJstarted a discussion
Aye ya'll check out my group. Might be something some of you are interested in. It's in the sports category and it's called Fitness Lifestyle.more
RedBoy504started a discussion
Me and my lil one cleaned up her shoes todaymore
Alex Paglirostarted a discussion
Dope🔥 or nope👎?more
ᖇαfαєℓstarted a discussion
Anyone want to help me figure out how to restore these?more
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Carlos Matamorosstarted a discussion
I have some Jordan 14 cdp, they need restoring, who can restore them???more
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Adrianstarted a discussion
I’d love to see more custom cortezez..!more
Mateo Morrisstarted a discussion
I Need Help, I Need A Fix, I Need Someone To Help My Carmines To Come Back To Life. I Know It Can’t Be Help But I Believe Someone Can Do It. I’ve Been Needing Help, So Comment If You Can Fix Them.more
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Dinkstarted a discussion
Dink Customs is now doing Custom Hoodiesmore
Dinkstarted a discussion
Dink Customs is now doing Custom T-shirts and Hoodies...more
雅康 陳started a discussion