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Sneaker Restorations & Customs is a group where an array of projects are shared and discussed as seen on YouTube channel "RetroSnickers."

yvn.escstarted a discussion2 hours ago
ÖSCÂRshared their item4 hours ago
@retrosnickersstarted a discussion5 hours ago

Sold for $125 PayPal

Daltonstarted a discussion5 hours ago

Just finished these today

Trustarted a discussion7 hours ago

Beijing 6's

@L_U_N_Ystarted a discussion8 hours ago

Paint chipping and sole separation

Sauceddup Vonstarted a discussionYesterday

Wanna see how great the almighty RetroSneaker is with the god touch moves on these OG Bunny 8s... Good luck 😏

Rockyshared their itemYesterday
Brandon Molina - Tw01started a discussionYesterday

#letsgetintoit Need a custom anything besides blue. The shoe consists of tumble leather and nubuk material

Tariq Harrisstarted a discussionYesterday

got a customer for red drip forces🤙🏽

Tyler Fitzjohnstarted a discussionYesterday

Got these fucked up BapeSta 88 Lows they need a sole swap and some paint touch ups. Would love to get them repaired.


Nolan Astleystarted a discussionYesterday

Thinking about some new kicks. Any ideas 100-150$

Ralph James Macahiyastarted a discussionYesterday

Think you can do something about this Retro bought this for $1 man on the streets, went to a shoe repair store and got the soles replaced and was replaced by a normal nike air soles. Hope this will get ya #LetsGetIntoIt

Boone Cumberlandstarted a discussionYesterday

Yo, check out my restoration I'm currently doing for my wife. #letsgetintoit

Alex Freedmanstarted a discussionYesterday

retro do you think these are restorable plz lmk #letsgetintoit

Zander Sandovalstarted a discussionYesterday

Can u do soldier 10s mine #letsgetintoit

Juan Martínezshared their itemYesterday
Juan Martínezshared their itemYesterday
Juan Martínezstarted a discussionYesterday

Need my gmp 6&7 restored

Carlos Galiciastarted a discussionYesterday
Xavierstarted a discussionThursday

I'm trying to get these restored please help

Xaviershared their itemThursday
Isaiah Ramirezstarted a discussionThursday

I need these customized any customization you choose just no red

Lewis Williamsstarted a discussionThursday

#Letsgetintoit Jordan 9's (2012)

Lewis Williamsstarted a discussionThursday

#Let'sGetIntoIt. I have a pair a of deep royal 9's mad separation need restored bad

Shanestarted a discussionThursday

#letsgetintoit igot these 2017 jordan 11s there beat pretty bad need Restoration

Edwin Blasstarted a discussionThursday

Hey I made a group for everyone to have a place to trade shoes it’s called “Strictly For Trades” go check It out 💯

Michael Workmanstarted a discussionThursday

#letsgetintoit Here I have some 2002 Chrome 6 Lows with a pair of 2006 Green Bean 5's that need some work done too them, I've been watching your videos for years and I've always wanted to have a pair of my shoes on your channel.

Qdollastarted a discussionThursday
Alex Wilsonstarted a discussionThursday

Please fix my forest green 14s for me

Angel Carbajalstarted a discussionThursday

Needs a major Reglue

Angel Carbajalstarted a discussionThursday

Needs a repaint and a sole swap

Angel Carbajalstarted a discussionThursday
Andre Johnsonstarted a discussionThursday

fire Red 5's Help please #letsgetintoit

Adam Floresstarted a discussionThursday

I decided to doodle on my vans at school. What y'all think?

Sebastian Palafoxstarted a discussionThursday

#letsgetintoit don’t wear them because they are beat but they’re a nice shoe

Andre Johnsonstarted a discussionThursday

#letsgetintoit Kool Greys

Andre Johnsonstarted a discussionThursday

OG 12's 1996-97 as you can I tried to repaint with leather dye I had them reglued by a guy in #CAPECORAL FL about 10 years ago . but now they are coming apart. Looking for restorators in the Atlanta area, or contact info for someone that does it for a hobby oor living. I am willing to pay but a...

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Andre Johnsonstarted a discussionThursday

rare 8 bred lows #letsgetintoit

Andre Johnsonstarted a discussionThursday

OG 18 low

Kickstagramz HDstarted a discussionThursday

I got these Jordan 11 Cool Grays that have been played in, beat up, and ruined. Hopefully, I can get featured on your channel!


Papii Hallstarted a discussionThursday

Here are my zen grey 11’s from ‘01 and my mist blue 8’s, I have no time to restore them, but I really want to wear both of these sneakers! I think these would both work for a great video #letsgetintoit

Jroc Robinsonstarted a discussionThursday

I got some true flights I got two years ago and I know ppl might think they garbage but I really like them and I'll like to re add them to my collection

Nikeshared their itemWednesday
Micah Jonesshared their itemWednesday
Sauceddup Vonstarted a discussionWednesday

Lets see how really great the RetroSneaker is 😏

Tommy Nguyenstarted a discussionWednesday
Tommy Nguyenstarted a discussionWednesday
Josh Jonesstarted a discussionWednesday

Check out my babies

Reneestarted a discussionWednesday
Milo Ruizstarted a discussionWednesday
Milo Ruizstarted a discussionWednesday
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@zenonuiqshared their itemWednesday
Brandon Carrillostarted a discussionWednesday

Need help fam 😔

Ivan Garciastarted a discussionWednesday

Please bring my baby's back to life , got these in 2016 and they are beat . Lord bless these sneakers father retro . #letsgetintoit

MrGDLP1983started a discussionWednesday

"RetroSnickers" restore these Air Jordan XV Lows it would make a awesome video.!!

Brandon Eric Gardnerstarted a discussionWednesday

Not sure of the name but would love a restoration

Robert Koubashared their itemWednesday
@LoganKicks1018started a discussionWednesday