Hey all! My goal as a duelist at this current moment is to collect all number cards. So I was wondering if some of you had number cards up for grabs? I'll have access to my (I dont have a huge amount if stuff) binder on friday which is when I'll post all my stuff. Hope everyone is doing well! Duel on!

Austin Weiss-Larocheadded September 24, 2020
Austin Weiss-LarocheSeptember 24, 2020

@silverknight I'll have access to my stuff tomorrow I'll let you know when I do and I'll post all my stuff in my shelves

Justin YatesSeptember 24, 2020

@Dueling_Artist_2004 ok

Austin Weiss-LarocheSeptember 25, 2020

@silverknight hey man just posted some stuff on my shelves keep in mind it isnt everything but I'm sure there is something of interest

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