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The place to nerd out about anything audiophile; from headphones, to DACs/Amps, to speakers.more
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I don’t know if this is the right group to share this, but these are some of my favorite songsmore
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I hate to double post in a group but I need help. I’m looking for a piece of audio that is basically one long tone from a Tibetan singing bowl. No rain water, no chimes, not even a second bowl sound. Just one long continuous hum.more
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For mobile music listeners, take a look at the Foobar2000 app. Let’s you listen to FLAC audio and other higher quality audio files. Especially if you’re an iPhone user.more
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Question/poll for everyone. Do you prefer watching movies on speakers/surround sound, or headphones? I ask because last night I watched a movie from my child, Angels in the Outfield (yeah I know it’s winter and yet I’m watching a baseball movie). I decided I’d watch it while wearing my HD600’s ...more
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My headphone collectionmore
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Valve/tube stereo amp from 1964/65more
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Who else here is a fan of tubes for audio gear? There's something about them I just love.more
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Anyone here interested in analog recording equipment, HiFi, and vintage gear, and synthesizers should check out my group called Analog Music Gear.more
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Question for the day/week. Do you use headphone stands to keep your headphones nice? Do you put them back in their case/bag? Or, do you just leave them out on your desk?more
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Any recommendations for a good vinyl record player? I have a lot of vinyl, but no way to play them 😂 And record players are not my expertise, so any help would be appreciated.more
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My new vlog is up now! Make sure to check it out if you haven't yet! #SUBSCRIBE to Konic TV!
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What's everyone's opinion on Bluetooth headphones? I saw a great product to turn my 40x's into Bluetooth headphones, but never owned Bluetooth.more
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Check this out this little thing if you're interested in tube's!more
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I'm looking to purchase my next headphone. Currently using Audio Technica ATH-M50x. Any recommendation? My price range is about USD200more
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Might be the sub $100 kings. Got a deal on these. I'll be putting these through my playlists and will review later!more
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Fun question! What is your ultimate audio set-up/end game that you would love to own one day? Either music listening or home theater? Mine would be a Stax Earspeaker rig for music listening and a OHM-Walsh home theater rig.more
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These are well constructed and have a nice sound but I want to upgrade to some noise canceling wireless headphones. The price of the Bose QC35 is too high for me... What do you guys recommend?more
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