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Loganstarted a discussionYesterday

Help me make a decision. I like the color combo of the bronze but also like the versatility of Steel for straps. There again I have loads of steel watches but already have a bronze with green dial. Aaaargh!

Jessie Dartstarted a discussionYesterday

What a beautiful day..
Just 30 seconds outside and the super luminova pops.

@mottybanksshared their itemYesterday
Andresshared their shelfYesterday
Andresshared their shelfYesterday
Andresshared their shelfYesterday
Shlomy Garayastarted a discussionThursday

Probably my first serious watch, accurate, elegant and a great tool when you are out in the woods with it's altimeter and compass bezel. Had to change the strap (was falling apart) but the new one looks cool.

Melvinstarted a discussionThursday

finally my turtle is here!

Andresshared their shelfThursday
Andresshared their shelfThursday
Andresshared their itemThursday
Andresshared their itemThursday
Andresshared their itemThursday
Andresshared their itemThursday
Jessie Dartstarted a discussionWednesday

Stirring the morning coffee is a great way to kick off that Kinetic.

Loganstarted a discussionWednesday

For all the G-Shock fans out there. I hope Casio release this soon.

Loganstarted a discussionTuesday

Has anyone had dealings with CrafterBlue / BlueBirdives / Somethin'Goods? I hate to say it but I am having a horrendous experience with them. So much that I'd recommend avoiding them at all cost.

Melvinstarted a discussionTuesday

ready...set... go! how often do you use you're chronograph?

Sam Toohillshared their shelfTuesday
Sam Toohillstarted a discussionTuesday

Does anybody know the Model Type?

Jessie Dartstarted a discussionTuesday

Look at all those complications.
Can read them to save my life, but there all there just the same.. Ha!

Dannyshared their itemTuesday
Todd in Palm Beachstarted a discussionMonday

...when the reverse side is as attractive or more so than the front.

Loganstarted a discussionMonday

Bronze Boy needing some patina! Just leave it to naturally do it or force it with NaClO?

Ken Kouckshared their shelfMonday
Watch Addictstarted a discussionMonday

good ole subby

SeokJun Kimstarted a discussionSunday

13yearsold ,teenager

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Gregshared their itemSunday
Morten Christensenstarted a discussionNovember 18, 2017

Very limited.

Diegoshared their MomentNovember 18, 2017
Simon Boonstarted a discussionNovember 18, 2017

Anyone here have any experience with eterna?

Brian Smithshared their itemNovember 18, 2017
Jessie Dartstarted a discussionNovember 17, 2017

Arrived today...I'm in love!
Awesome case shape and thickness.. amazing bracelet.
And hats off to Aragon for wanting to display a non automatic movement. Yup, this Swiss Ronda movement is amazing.
An all metal serviceable quartz movement with many complications.
love the dual date wheel and day r...

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Loganshared their itemNovember 16, 2017
Jessie Dartstarted a discussionNovember 16, 2017

Although light as a feather...
This Titanium Bulova Precisionist isn't some lightweight.
It's as tough as nails and again that sweeping butter

Ricstarted a discussionNovember 16, 2017

I'm a bit obsessed with a good bezel action 🤓

Imagine the disappointment when I tried on the Breitling Heritage 2 and found the bezel was pretty sloppy. This is a £4K watch !

Put me right off 😧

Bruno Olsenshared their itemNovember 16, 2017
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Jamesstarted a discussionNovember 14, 2017

Sinn's take on the classic navitimer. What are you guys thoughts on this piece. Does Sinn match or surpass Breitlings version?

Kevin Ashared their itemNovember 14, 2017