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Everyone needs a good book recommendation: Find reviews for all types of books here

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Would any one be interested in joining a group for fans of pulp fiction stories

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Yes Lucy there is a part two

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Some one forgot the book marks don’t worry I brought some 🤓

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A tale of high seas adventure

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Not yet finished it, but when I first start reading it, I have difficulties to put it down.

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One of the most unique narrative voices I've ever seen.

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Some books need to be read by everyone. This is one of them.

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It maybe a children’s book
But I still found it very good read .

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I am always a little unsure about King most popular work but this was very good.

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Was it more common in the 70’s
To make books based on tv episodes?

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Some recommend Halloween reading for the season 👻

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When east meets west the tick becomes
Manga .

The Tick : where a
Comic in Japan ? Neat .

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Has anybody else read these books,they are some of the best horror stories ever written from the haunting to the truly repulsive

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I started "The Name of the wind". Fantastic book. Has anyone read it?

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Since I am doing Inktober my reading is slow going. I hope to update soon.

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Saw this on Facebook and laughed

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My personal favorite

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Anyone know a good romantic paranormal/fantasy series? I've read JR Ward's books but I want to expand my book reading of that genre. I've heard about Maria Amor's and Jessie Donovan's series but I'm unable to read them seeing as I'm poor and they aren't in the public libraries.

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I didn't make it to the end. The information is interesting but I'm not a fan of how it is presented. A hippy, a nerd, and a historian walk into a bar.....

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I think I am the only one here that would find this book useful. Than again someone may want to teach themself to write.

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Everyone needs to take stock of themselves now and again. This is a great place to start.

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Mostly about how science works but also features what if' s and what past SF authors used in their stories.

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Nice theory but alas only a theory. Between this and H. H. Holmes I like Holmes for the ripper.

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This was a joy to read. Surprisingly light for a John Green book. Underrated for sure.

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I was looking for something light-hearted and funny. It isn't.

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Hi guys!
I'm looking for a good book to read. Any recommendations?

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After the other book I remembered I never read this one. It is updated from the original and translated by the author, Naoko Takeuchi. Worth getting if you are into the series or just now picking it up.

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I found this at a thrift store today. Decided to read it between novels. Always loved Sailor Moon art style. Translation could use work.

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This book is fabulously relatable with dates gone wrong and abnormal parent behavior. The author takes all her quirky experiences and describes them with humor and charm.