Check out my group, The Hobby Hole. I really want this group to grow and take off. All the groups in SNUPPS are specific, but my group is not. I want my group to be a group of free expression. My group is a safe place to express yourself and share your collections and share your hobbies and share your passions. Get everyone you know to join this group! I love seeing what people are into and what people are passionate about. I absolutely love seeing what makes people truly happy. You can tell when someone truly loves someone or something. There is a specific energy and/or light that burns/shines/emits from within them and it is infectious. I love sneakers and fashion and I love video games and art. I could look at these things in real life or in SNUPPS all day haha literally! I have a deep passion for living a sober lifestyle and promoting recovery and promoting the fight against the heroin epidemic. People who follow me can probably see the passion that I have towards these things in my life. This is what my shelves are dedicated to as well. My shelves are not just collections but I am trying to take you on my journey through my recovery and shining a light on the world of heroin addiction. Change happens only when we change and change happens on a large scale only when we all change on a large scale. It is our duty to fight back against injustices. Our forefathers knew this and encouraged it. #SideTracked#RantOverhaha
Seriously though, help make this grow and be part of the group! Share yourselves and share your passions and collections and hobbies! Be part of something great with me!
Also, my Instagram is gsneakerson24 and my name is Gregory Paul ingerson on Facebook. My Snapchat is gsneakerson24 and so is my YouTube channel. My first video is called, The Hobby Hole - sneakers and recovery. I talk about a sneaker cleaning product I just got and recovery. It is my first video of many more to come. I hope you all visit my things and enjoy and share them and help m

Gregory Ingersonadded September 28, 2017
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