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This page is for everything Model Horse related for you to look to either buy, sell, or trade! Any brands welcome.more
salesstarted a discussion
I have not posted in a hot minute on this platform, but if you all could check out my sales, that would be great! many things in my life are happening and I need the funds 😅, just dm me and I will send you my current sales listmore
Breyergirl 99started a discussion
Havent posted here in god knows when but I'm seriously in search of a body American Saddlebred more
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Maddystarted a discussion
Hey guys I have some stuff for sale/trad did we trade I would want traditionals or lsq stablemates for shows🙃more
Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Anyone have any of the 30th anniversary celebration model minis for trade?more
Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Does anybody have vintage stablemates for trade?more
Starry Night Studiosstarted a discussion
FOR SALE Purple = SOLD Also have a Glossy Gg and Heartbreaker set for sale $60 shipped! Will consider trades.more
Madison Barberstarted a discussion
Looking to trade this guy for Rhian and Cadell or Bristol. :)more
Madison Scottstarted a discussion
Does anyone have Luna? She has wolves on the side that glow in the darkmore
BreyerWolfProductionsstarted a discussion
Any one have Luna? Collector Club Model, purple, ruffian mold, wolves painted on sides, decorator? She’s my biggest grailmore
Ggstarted a discussion
Does anyone have an s just a dream or Breyer smoke for this price range??? $40-$70???more
Allisonstarted a discussion
Got some more models for sale!more
Madison Barberstarted a discussion
ISO: Newsworthy body. Need one ASAP.more
Madison Barberstarted a discussion
Now accepting offers on this dude.more
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BrumbyBluestarted a discussion
Some Horses and Tack possibly for sale! Please Message me! Taking offers on most items!more
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Star Starstarted a discussion
hello, I am looking for the breyer classic cloud sets, I am open to possibly buying any set but clouds encore, specificly looking for the set with Boulder and flint. I am located in Australia, thanks more
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BreyerWolfProductionsstarted a discussion
Does anybody have Luna for sale? (A collector club traditional, purple, has wolves on her, glows in dark, galloping mare)more
Lone Ceder Stablesstarted a discussion
hello i am looking for hildogo or anything on the silver mold under $100 show me what you got!more
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salesstarted a discussion
I really need to sell all of my sales models because I really need the money. Could you guys please buy some of my models? I need them gone! Please... I know we can do it!more
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salesstarted a discussion
Does anyone have a somewhat cheap Sato? I really want him for a good price! My price range is $20-45 I hope you guys can help me!more