Model Horse Tack Sales

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This is a page for model horse tack! Feel free to post tack and/ or models for sale/ trade!more
LadyOnyxStudiosstarted a discussion
look at my moments for trading/selling rules!!🤗more
Cantering Horse Studiosstarted a discussion
Anyone interested in buying if I sell?more
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Any good western tack?more
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Hope this is okay to post! If you are interested in placing an order on my Etsy please head on over to BrumbyBlue Tack on Etsy or My Instagram @brumbyblue.tack_2405_ for the link! Thank you ❤️more
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Would anybody like this simple leather halter? It fits the traditional ruffian mold, but I’m sure it’ll fit a lot other. Starting offer is $3 + Standard US Shipping.more
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New items for Christmas available on my etsy!more
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Lilystarted a discussion
Hi I am just wondering where does everyone buy their tack making stuff frommore
allornadastudiosstarted a discussion
So I'm going to start photo showing so does anyone have lsq (ik it's a photo show but I may use it in live shows too) halters (preferably not nylon or ribbon, but leather), lead ropes, backdrops, etc... for sale?more
Mallorystarted a discussion
Hello my name is Mallory check out my YouTube channel horse lover68 and lean how to make a Breyer horse haltermore
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Just started my etsy account! Check it out! My shops name is MN Tack Shop!more
Mn_.photographystarted a discussion
Hello everyone! I've started doing some tack trades😉 if anyone is interested in trading for models pm me on Instagram! My user is!more
Mn_.photographystarted a discussion
Hello everyone! I thought I'd start up a page for people to share models and tack they might have for sale! To get started I have a few items for sale. Message me on my Instagram page if your interested:) @ (insta)more